V4L Vapor Zeus Review

| November 5, 2015

New V4L Vapor Zeus Review

What is Vapor Zeus?

Vapor4Life lies in the category of the advanced and trendy e-cig present in the market today. This e-cig is known to produce dense vapor clouds and strong throat hit. The name Zeus is given because it is really a god of cigarette.

How Vapor Zeus Works?

Vapor Zeus is the world’s only 5-volt automatic e Cigarette that gives the strong taste and thick vapor to fulfill the needs of any smoker. Even if the battery is low, Zeus continuously provides 5-volt experience for perfect vaping. It works automatically that even you don’t have to push the button. It comes with pass-through technology which means that you can enjoy your vaping even when the device is charging. Its microprocessor provides consistent airflow. If you want to enhance your vaping fun, you can also add a Smileomizer.

Check this V4L Vapor Zeus review for more information:

Quick Vapor Zeus Reviews:

V4L Vapor Zeus Review


Every time you vape with Vapor Zeus, you get the perfect dense cloud. You get the strong throat hit with thick vapor, that’s why it has given the name Zeus. Whether you use the automatic mode or the manual one, the vapor quantity remains the same. With Vapor Zeus, you get the balanced throat hit with optimum vapor amount.


When it comes to battery, you get two options: Auto and Dual. You can select whichever you like. There are three sizes: 650mAh (small), 900mAh (medium) and 1300mAh (XL). You can select from different styles and colors. The battery of the Vapor Zeus gives both automatic and manual modes. Battery can also be used as the pass-through.


On V4L you get diverse flavors to enjoy. There are six different categories to select from: Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Desert, Coffee, and Beverage. In these categories, you get many different flavors.


Vapor4Life gives 30 days money back guarantee on the Vapor Zeus and one year warranty. So whenever you buy from Vapor4Life, you can stay calm that your money is going nowhere.

Customer Service:

On Vapor4Life, you get the best customer service. You can contact them on their address Vapor4Life Inc., 4100 Commercial Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062. You can also call at +1 847 944 8200, Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm CST. You can also send an email at support@vapor4life.com. For the general enquiries, you can visit their FAQ pages too.

Vapor Zeus Review – Conclusion

Whether you are switching from cigarette smoking to vaping, or you are enjoying vaping for many days Vapor4Life Vapor Zeus is surely a product to satisfy your vaping. Buy Vapor Zeus if you:

  • Like an upgrade from pre-filled rechargeable e-cigs to a more advanced and cooler option
  • Wish to own a battery that not only looks great but also produce dense vapor
  • Want to have the battery power that lasts day and night
  • Desire to enjoy an e-liquid that has never forgetting taste and strong throat hit

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(V4L Vapor Zeus Review)

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