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| June 8, 2015

In this Vapor4Life review, we aim to give you all the details you need about one of the top e-cig manufacturers. We are also including special Vapor4Life coupon codes for our lovely customers.

An In-depth Vapor4Life Review

Vapor4Life is a US-based company that manufactures electronic cigarettes and accessories to suit the needs of smokers. The company was established in 2009 and is well-known for its Classic Vapor Kings, Vapor Titan, e-liquids and a new range of batteries. With the development of Vapor4Life’s first e-cigarette “the Vapor King”, the company was recognized as one of the top e-cig manufacturers by the vapor community. Vapor4Life offers a huge array of choices in battery sizes, disposable e-cigarettes, cartridges, tanks and numerous e-liquids.

What Is Selling?

Vapor4Life Review

Vapor4Life products include advanced vaping technology, which assists in providing better flavor and full utilization of e-liquid. Details of products are as follows:

  1. Vaping Kits

Vapor4Life Vaping Kits include exceptional batteries that last longer and come with easily swappable Smileomizer. The kit offers an easy transition from smoking to vaping, which is perfect for quitting traditional smoking. Vaping kit includes a Smileomizer tip, 2 Smileomizers, 30ml e-liquid bottle, a battery along with a USB charging cable and a wall adapter.

  1. E-Liquids

The e-liquids are available in 160 flavors and 7 nicotine strengths, which produce strong vapor clouds for giving exceptional smoking sensation to smokers.

  1. Disposable E-Cigs

These disposable e-cigs look just like a traditional cigarette and offer authentic tobacco taste. With a range of flavors, the disposable e-cigs do not need any maintenance or refilling and provide an authentic taste to smokers.

  1. Rechargeable E-Cig

The user can choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes and even personalize vape according to their requirements. These rechargeable e-cigs are rechargeable up to 300 times and offer outstanding vaping flavor to smokers.

  1. Batteries

Due to highly advanced technology, the batteries inside various e-products last longer and assist in the production of powerful vape in e-cigarettes. Smokers can customize the voltage and flavor according to their requirements with the help of these cutting-edge batteries.

  1. Cartridges

Cartridges are available in various colors, sizes and styles and include high-quality materials to offer a better puffing experience to smokers.

Do They Good?

Vapor4Life offers all what you require; the company offers diverse flavors and options so you can have the best. It lets you enjoy the flavor of your will; here, e-liquids are offered in the flavors like: tobaccos, menthols, fruits, deserts, coffees, beverages, cigars and VG only. You get 160 e-liquid and cartomizer flavors at Vapor4Life.

The products offered at don’t have the harmful materials like any traditional cigarette. The traditional tobacco cigarettes on smoking produces about 7,000 harmful chemicals whereas the e-liquids of Vapor4Life has only four of them and among which nicotine is optional and you can select whether you want it or not.
Check this video for more information on Steve Milin, CEO of Vapor4Life LLC, talks about how to use V4L electronic cigarettes and help smokers kick the habit.

There are great many advantages of switching from traditional smoking to vaping and in this regards, selecting the top vaping company improves the benefits. From health to pocket, vaping is the good option and provides many advantages along with fulfilling the desire to smoke.

Why You Should Buy from

Vapor4Life e-cig review

As Vapor4Life offers high-quality products with extensive customization options, each e-cigarette provides a great flavor for smokers and is ideal for chain smokers to get rid of traditional smoking. With innovative designs and range of flavors, the company offers the widest selection of vaping products and a huge assortment of accessories with upgrade options. Vapor4Life products are surely worth buying as they offer an exceptional smoking experience to users.

Order and Shipping

In order to buy any product, a prospective buyer needs to select any item from the official website “” and click on “Buy Now” tab for ordering the product. After that, the buyer needs to provide his address and country details and fill in the billing information for paying for the item purchased. Once the order is confirmed, the company will ship the product through mail, which will reach the buyer within a week (depending upon location).

Website and Customer Support

Vapor4Life website is well-organized and includes information about all the products. Various tabs with product names can be clicked by any person to check the details about any merchandise.

Vapor4Life offer swift customer support to clients for answering any queries and resolving any issues regarding its products. The customer care representatives are available 24/7, who can be contacted through email or phone any time of the week.

Vapor4Life Review – Conclusion

Overall, Vapor4Life products are pretty impressive and come for an affordable price. The e-cigarettes are ideal for chain smokers who want to get rid of traditional cigarettes. The company offers a wide range of flavors, which provide superb tasting when smoked through an e-cigarette. With variety of cartridges, batteries and e-liquids, the company provides some of the best products to satisfy the needs of smokers.

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